Business Analysis // 01

Business Analysis can be as simple as ABC, but with my skills and your cooperation, we make sure your ABC starts with A, and it will be ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode Latin), 26 symbols long.


I can provide the following business analysis service for your project:


- Strategy and objectives analyses – SWOT, PESTEL, 5Forces, MOST, Capability modelling, Value Streams.


- Full set of investigation techniques – interviewing, shadowing, workshops, repertory grid, protocols analyses + quantitative techniques such as surveys and sampling.


-  Stakeholder analyses and management – use Prince 2 methodology, stakeholder wheel, power / interest grid, Cross and Prusak SC network analyses, CATWOE, RASCI, RACI, personas, management planning.


- Modelling Business Processes – functional and alternative modelling, process mapping, process swim lines, process models hierarchy, AS IS + analysis for improvement like simplification, extension, bottlenecks removal, sequence optimization, automatization.


- Solution definition – GAP analyses, formulating options, defining framework for business requirements and business architecture.


- Financial and Business cases – assessing project feasibility, developing structure of business case according to Prince2, framework for tangible and intangible benefits and costs, framework for risk assessment, investment appraisal together with the finance department.


- Establishing the requirements – actors’ definition, requirements elicitation, analyses, validation, documentation and management.


- Modelling requirements – business use cases, system use cases, modelling system data, framework for class models.

Payment industry SME // 03

The payment industry world looks small if one knows nothing, huge if one knows a bit and exciting if one work there for more than 15 years.


It changes but keeps the standards. It is sometimes chaotic but very heavily regulated, yes, yes MLD5, PSD2 GDPR you name it. Complicated business models on a simple drive – people buy and sell by using money.


I can assist in evaluating business options and give counsel to the top management and the boards as payments SME. 


The complexity of business relations and various costs distribution structures require not only business knowledge but operation and IT skills as well.

Project management // 02

Specialists and their bright ideas are the most valuable assets you can get. Project board, Project manager, Customer, User and Supplier are all the human resources you need.


Prince2 and ITIL will get you all it values. We practice a hands-on approach and we are focused on getting the job done.


I can do Executive or PM roles for the following project management activities:


- Ensuring project management includes the following themes – business case, organization structure, quality measures, plans, risks identification and management, change and progress. 


- Project starting up – assisting in defining roles and responsibilities, analyse previous lesson logs, business case preparation, project brief, initiation stage planning.


- Project directing ­– authorization initiation, authorization, stage authorization, exception plans, project closer authorization


- Project initiation – risk, configuration, quality and communication  management strategy; setup of project controls, project plan, refine of business plan, assembling project initiation documentation.


- Product delivery – work packages management, team plans, quality criteria check-ups, approvals for completed products.


- Stage boundary management – plan following stage, project plan and business case update, stage end report and exception plan.


- Project closing ­– prepare planned or premature closer, handover, evaluation, recommended project closer.


Product Owner // 04

Product owner role gets to be super important in the Agile world.

Sometimes Product owner is supported by Business analysts, Lawyers, SME experts for specific field like payments. But it also happens that Product owner has to do all the things on his/her own, and guess what, Product owners also humans and it happens they need to take maternity or paternity leave.


Do not get panic, but get in touch! I can give a hand to your product owner when it comes to cards payments, PSD2, FinTech strategy etc., or become complete back up for a few month.


Yes, I will take care of your backlog and make sure Jira and Confluence stay in order.





Business Analyst

Project manager, Payments SME